About Insurance

It is necessary to understand what is insurance, why it is important, its benefits, different types of insurance etc.

What is Insurance?

Insurance is the contract between two parties: the insurer i.e. the insurance company and the insured i.e. the person seeking the cover. The insured need to pay the premium at regular intervals to the insurer till the end of lifespan of insurance policy. In return, the insurer agrees to pay for the financial losses that occurred to the insured due to some unpredicted and undesired event like death, accident, illness, theft, natural disaster etc.

Thus the insurance guarantees protection against the property as well as damage and loss to individual involved.

Why Insurance?

Life and the events occurring in life are very uncertain and full of twists and turns. Nothing can be taken for granted in life. We cannot predict future of just after a minute later. In this sense, risk is involved in every stage of life. Risk can be to a person of his life, health, accident etc., to materialistic things owned by the person i.e. to a vehicle; property etc. or it may be against the theft.

Insurance policies are the safeguards against uncertainties of life. It provides the protection against the financial losses arising due to occurring of unexpected events. Different types of insurance are helpful in mitigating the risks involved with corresponding field.

Benefits of Insurance

Firstly insurance is about risk covering plan. The insured buys the peace of mind by buying the insurance. He can become free from worrying about the security of his property for which he possesses insurance.

Moreover insurance is also an excellent tax saving mechanism. The Government of India offers tax concession on life insurance products.

Insurance Claim Procedure

Following steps are involved, in general, for settlement of insurance claims:

  1. In case the loss has occurred due to any cause like fire, burglary, theft, accident etc., FIR needs to be registered to the nearest police station.

  2. Intimation is to be given to insurance company immediately.

  3. Collect the relevant claim form from the insurance company or the insurance agent and fill it correctly after reading it thoroughly.

  4. Submit claim form to the policy issuing office of the insurance company directly or through authorized insurance agent along with the required documents mentioned in the claim form.

  5. The insurance company may appoint surveyor/loss assessor or may refer the case with doctor, if necessary.

  6. The insurance company (insurer) then makes the payment to the policy holder (insured) as a full and final settlement of claim.

  7. In some cases provisional payment is also made if final processing of claim is pending, depending on merits of the case.